Piazza San Michele

Piazza San Michele
Lucca today is a square in the main meeting point of Lucca.

It is also known as the Plaza of the chains due to the typical definition of the square by columns joined by heavy chains visible in their entirety from the terrace of the Antica Residenza dell'Angelo.

The square hole corresponds to the ancient Roman city and is tangential to the Decumanus consisting of the director of East-West Via San Paolino, Via Roma and Via Santa Croce and not far from cardo in North-South Street and Via Fillungo Cenami.

The Church of San Michele is located in the square in the center where in the past focused area of ​​the ancient Roman Forum, the center of town and place of meetings and trade.

Used both in civil functions, both at religious functions around this square in 1300, servants 'also as a market, particularly grains, and was held in such' high regard that in the immediate vicinity were forbidden to keep pigs, although the purpose of sale.

Little more 'late in the square suffered' an extension, and found based foreign exchange dealers and banks of merchants of silk.

At the end of 1400 or was paved with bricks, and the beginning of 1700 work began to raise the level of two steps, the white limestone flooring, and the distinctive boundary with columns linked by chains around the entire perimeter.

The monument to Francesco Burlamacchi, the work of Change, there was' laid in 1863.

In Piazza San Michele in September and December during the Christmas market is held an exhibition which has about a hundred market stalls.

In the market meet many of the exhibitors of crafts in an event which extends to the Piazza San Giusto.


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